SpecFlow VS Integration 2017.1 Released

SpecFlow Visual Studio integration 2017.1 has been released. This version introduces basic support for Visual Studio 2017, as well as supporting earlier versions of Visual Studio. There are however some limitations when using Visual Studio 2017:

  • This version does not support the new project system in Visual Studio 2017. Support for the new project system will be introduced in a future release.
  • This version does not provide support for .NET Core.


In addition to Visual Studio 2017 support, this release includes the following changes:


If you notice any issues, please report them here.

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  1. Piotr Kula
    Piotr Kula says:

    Thanks- I have been using it for a while in 2017 RC and working well enough to carry on!

  2. Pieter Kuppens
    Pieter Kuppens says:

    Should this be working in Dutch?!

    I am checking currently, and I have the option to ‘Add new file’, ‘SpecFlow Feature File (Dutch/Nederlands)’. (So that part seems to be working)

    However, inside the file, I don’t get the proper keywords with Intellisense, and I get compilation errors when I use Dutch keywords.

    I checked with German/Deutsch, and that is working as I’d expect. I get German intellisense and a trivial example works fine.

  3. Stephen McCafferty
    Stephen McCafferty says:

    I just tried this out myself with Dutch, and it does work. However I hit a snag with the layout of the app.config, which meant that it initially didn’t work for me either. You may have suffered the same issue.

    You need to enter the desired language in your app.config file in the <specFlow> element, e.g.:
    <language feature=”nl-NL” />

    When I first went in to the app.config file, I failed to notice that the opening tag of the <plugins> element was on the same line as the closing tag of <unitTestProvider>. So I ended up putting the <language feature=”nl-NL” /> element in the plugin element by mistake; doing so meant that the setting was ignored and the Dutch files did not have syntax highlighting etc.

    So I’d suggest you double-check that you have the element at the right place in your app.config file.


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