Generating Documentation

Generating living documentation from your Gherkin files with SpecFlow+ LivingDoc requires you to add the SpecFlow+ build step to your build process. This build step parses the Gherkin files in your solution and formats them for display in VSTS. A default build step is included when installing the extension. This build step only generates the documentation; it does not execute any tests or build your solution.

Note: You do not need to use TFS to actually build your application. You can simply add a build definition that acquires the sources and generates the documentation.


To add the build step:

  1. Select Build & Release | Builds from the menu in TFS
  2. Click on build in the list (or add a new one).
  3. On the Summary page, click on a recently completed build:
    Build Summary
  4. The build steps are displayed in the left in the next screen:
    Build Steps
  5. Click on Edit build definition to edit the steps.
  6. Add the SpecFlow+ build step to your build to generate the living documentation.
  7. Enter the path to the folder containing your project in the Project file path field in the SpecFlow+ build step and make sure the step is enabled. SpecFlow+ All feature files in the selected folder and all its sub-folders are included in your living documentation.
  8. You can also enter a Project Name. This name is used by the root node in the tree. If you do not enter a name here, the name of the Visual Studio project is used instead.
  9. If you want to include Gherkin files from multiple projects, add a separate build step for each of your projects.
    SpecFlow Step


To generate the documentation:

  1. Select Test | SpecFlow+ from the menu.
  2. Choose the build definition containing the SpecFlow+ build step(s).
    Build Summary
  3. Click on Queue build. The build is added to the queue.
  4. Once the build has completed, select Test | SpecFlow+ from the menu to access the feature files.