Attribute Required/Optional Description
disable Optional Set this attribute to true to disable the report generation (default: false)
copyAlsoToBaseFolder Optional Set this to true to also copy all the generated reports to the base folder (default: false)
Template Optional Use this element to define the template(s) used to generate reports. You can specify any number of templates; a report will be generated using each template specified. The following attributes are available for this element:
name: The path to the template .cshtml file, relative to the base folder
outputName: The path of the generated report, relative to the base folder.

You can use the following placeholders in file names to ensure the name is unique:
{now}: A timestamp with the current date and time
{unique_guid}: Unique GUID
existingFileHandlingStrategy: Determines the behaviour if an existing file with the same name already exists. Possible values:
Overwrite (default): Overwrites existing files with the same name
IncrementFilename:Follows the Windows paradigm of adding an incremental suffix (e.g. "(1)", "(2)" etc.) to the end of file names. This will retain the existing file with its original name and result in a new file being generated with the appropriate incremental suffix.

Note: The report template specified in the <Settings> element (reportTemplate) is used in addition to the templates specified in the <Report> element.


To disable the report generation:

<TestProfile xmlns="">
    <Settings name="Disable Reports" projectName="SpecRun Test Project" />
    <Report disable="true"/>

To output 2 additional reports and copy the reports to the base folder:

<TestProfile xmlns="">
    <Settings name="Multiple Reports" projectName="SpecRun Test Project" />
        <Template name="CustomReportTemplate_1.cshtml" outputName="Report1.html" copyAlsoToBaseFolder="true"/>
        <Template name="CustomReportTemplate_2.cshtml" outputName="Report2.html" copyAlsoToBaseFolder="true"/>