New SpecFlow+ Sample Projects Available

We’ve added a number of new samples to the SpecFlow+ sample repository on GitHub:

  • WindowsAppDriver: Demonstrates using the WindowsAppDriver with SpecFlow+ and the Windows calculator.
  • CustomDeploymentSteps: Sample project based on the previous WindowsAppDriver project that demonstrates custom deployment steps.
  • ExcelExample: A relatively simple calculator project using SpecFlow+ Excel. Different operations (add/subtract/divide/multiply) are specified using a either a standard feature file, an Excel file, or a combination of a standard feature file and example data in an Excel file.
  • FilterExample: A sample project demonstrating how to use filters to only run a subset of tests.
  • MultipleReports: A sample project showing how to configure SpecFlow+ Runner to output multiple reports using custom templates.
  • TestThreadIsolation: A sample project showing the effects of different test thread isolation configurations for multithreaded testing