SpecFlow Visual Studio 2017 Sim Ship Announcement

Visual Studio 2017’s official release is just around the corner, and TechTalk and SpecFlow have teamed up with Microsoft as a Sim Ship partner. Microsoft’s Sim Ship (simultaneous shipment) program has been going strong for years, and gives selected Visual Studio partners the opportunity to access migration support, documentation and the latest builds of Visual Studio. This gives partners a chance to upgrade their Visual Studio extensions for compatibility with the new version in time to be shipped with the official release of Visual Studio.

This means that you will be able to upgrade to VS 2017 immediately upon release and continue using SpecFlow and SpecFlow+. We updated the SpecFlow VS integration in January to introduce support for VS 2017, and the latest version is available from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Note that this version does not yet fully support .NET Core and .Net Standard projects in VS 2017. If you notice any oddities with SpecFlow in VS 2017, let us know!