.NET Core Support for SpecFlow

The stable SpecFlow V3 has been released! Check out our latest blog post!

Please also read this announcement on upcoming breaking changes for all users.

We have been working on adding .NET Core support to SpecFlow. You can follow the current status here. If you are interested in using SpecFlow together with .NET Core, we would appreciate your input, feedback and even code contributions.

Our current estimates mean that we hope to be able to release a version of SpecFlow with support for .NET Core by Q3 of this year. The more testers and contributors we have, the quicker the process should be.

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the .NET Core Support sub-project on GitHub. Tasks tagged with “request-for-comment” are task where we are especially keen on getting feedback from the community. We would of course appreciate relevant feedback on the other tasks as well.


If you would like to contribute, please contact @SabotageAndi on GitHub first to prevent multiple contributors working on the same task. Not all issues on GitHub are worked out in full detail. In particular, issues with the “Request-for-comment” label or “[RFC]” in the title are not finalised. These tasks still require more discussion and evaluation. If you are able to contribute to the discussion, please do!