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E2E Business Process
BDD Framework for .NET

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Benefits for everyone

SpecFlow makes test automation easier by turning it into a team effort and allowing every role to better use their skills


Spend more time on coding feature-logic rather than debugging and explaining code

Benefits for Developers


Apply your testing skills throughout the entire development cycle
Benefits for Testers

Product owner

A single source of truth for better collaboration with the team
Benefits for POs

We help teams build high-quality and scalable automated tests


Bridge the gap between non-technical and technical people by collaborating on executable specifications.

Learn BDD

Test everything

  • End-to-End Business Process
  • Web/UI App
  • Mobile/App
  • API
  • Database
  • Desktop App

And more…

SpecFlow code examples

Easy to use

Once you learn how to write Gherkin, you can immediately start writing your automated tests.

Learn Gherkin language
BDD Framework for .NET


Seamlessly integrate the BDD framework into your existing tools and processes.


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