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SpecFlow & SpecFlow+Runner 3.3 Are Available!

Yes, you are reading correctly. We are jumping directly from SpecFlow 3.1 to SpecFlow 3.3. This is to make it easier to understand, which version of SpecFlow works with which version of SpecFlow+ Runner. More details can be found here. What is new? This release of SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner combines a lot of small […]

We are simplifying our SpecFlow and .NET version support!

SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner Versioning We hear you and have to admit that it is currently difficult to know which version of the SpecFlow+ Runner is compatible with which SpecFlow version. Therefore, we are changing the SpecFlow versions that are supported by the SpecFlow+ Runner. To make the version compatibility easier to understand, setup or […]

SpecFlow 3 is here!

Before installing the new version, please read the information on updating to SpecFlow 3. The installation procedure is also covered there. Information on changes to the Visual Studio extension can be found here. WHAT’S NEW IN SPECFLOW V3? New features: Support for .NET Core! Separate addition of default and non-default value comparers. ComparisonException indicates which […]