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SpecFlow 3 is here!

Before installing the new version, please read the information on updating to SpecFlow 3. The installation procedure is also covered there. Information on changes to the Visual Studio extension can be found here. WHAT’S NEW IN SPECFLOW V3? New features: Support for .NET Core! Separate addition of default and non-default value comparers. ComparisonException indicates which […]

Free merchandising package

Over the past months, many users asked us about SpecFlow merchandising. In particular, we have had requests for stickers for conferences/meet-ups. We have therefore decided to make 2 packages available to the SpecFlow community, one for conferences/meet-ups, and one for contributors to the open source project. For Conferences, Training, and Meet-ups SpecFlow has many enthusiastic […]

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.2.17 Released

The new LivingDoc version 0.2.17 is available and it contains the feature of linking feature/scenario tags to certain work items. The way it works is as follows: A prefix for the project should be chosen. This prefix will indicate that the tag marked with it is a special tag that will be connected to the […]

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc New Version and Action Required to Use it

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been updated and is now available on the Visual Studio marketplace. The new version of LivingDoc contains the following new features and bug fixes: Show builds for other branches than master (dropdown menu to select branch) Store the selected build definition/branch per user (instead of per project as before) If there is […]