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Introducing the SpecFlow Account

We have introduced a new license model for SpecFlow+ and SpecMap. This new licensing model is account-based instead of requiring a license key. You need to sign up for a free personal SpecFlow account in order to use SpecFlow+ and SpecMap. What are the benefits? Signing up for a free SpecFlow account allows you to […]

The Story of How SpecFlow Found a New Home (Part 2)

After it was announced that Tricentis had acquired SpecFlow from TechTalk, colleagues and friends kept asking me two questions: “Why Tricentis?” and “Why now?” The short answer was always: “We have known each other for a long time, and it was simply the right moment.” Keep on reading for the longer answer from the point of view of the SpecFlow team.

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.6.133 Released

A new version of SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been released and is now available from the Visual Studio marketplace. Important change: The location of SpecFlow+ LivingDoc in Azure DevOps has been changed. SpecFlow+ Living Doc can now be found under Overview | SpecFlow+ LivingDoc. This ensures that all users, including those without a Test Plan license […]

The Story of How SpecFlow Found a New Home (Part 1)

There are situations in life where good things are closer to you than you would think – and never has that been more true than in the case of how SpecFlow found a new home. Wolfgang Platz, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Tricentis tells the story of how SpecFlow became the latest addition to the Tricentis family.


Tricentis Acquires SpecFlow

We are excited to announce that SpecFlow has been acquired by Tricentis. When TechTalk first introduced SpecFlow back in 2009, our goal was to help both small and large teams improve collaboration, facilitate test automation and build up a shared understanding of their software systems. Since 2009, SpecFlow has been downloaded nearly 10 million times and today […]

SpecFlow Support over the Holiday Period 2019-2020

The SpecFlow team will not be reachable over the holiday period, from 23 December 2019 to 6 January 2020. During this time, we will not be able to reply to any issues reported on GitHub or to mails sent to SpecFlow+ support. Support will resume on 7 January 2020. We hope that you also enjoy […]

ScenarioContext and FeatureContext in SpecFlow 3.0 and Later

With SpecFlow 3.0, we marked ScenarioContext.Current and FeatureContext.Current as obsolete, to make clear that you that you should avoid using these properties in future. The reason for moving away from these properties is that they do not work when running scenarios in parallel. So how do you now access ScenarioContext and FeatureContext? Let’s first focus on ScenarioContext. Previously you would access ScenarioContext using […]


SpecFlow Project Template with dotnet new

To make it easier to create new SpecFlow projects, we have created a project template that you can access with dotnet new. As with all templates, you need to install them first before you can use the templates. More information on installing templates can be found here. Note: You need the .NET Core SDK installed […]

SpecFlow & SpecFlow+Runner 3.1 Are Here!

We are happy to announce the release of SpecFlow and SpecFlow+Runner 3.1. This update fixes a lot of smaller issues found by our community members over the last months, but we have also added some bigger features to this release. What’s new? 1. .NET Core 3.0 Support With the addition of nullable reference types in […]


Gherkin Conventions for Readable Specifications

This article was written by Sophie Keiblinger. Sophie has been a software test engineer at TechTalk since 2014 and is based in Vienna, Austria. She is passionate about BDD and test automation because it “encourages and fosters communication between all stakeholders and leaves more time for exploring and finding the interesting stuff”. Developers have coding […]