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ScenarioContext and FeatureContext in SpecFlow 3.0 and Later

With SpecFlow 3.0, we marked ScenarioContext.Current and FeatureContext.Current as obsolete, to make clear that you that you should avoid using these properties in future. The reason for moving away from these properties is that they do not work when running scenarios in parallel. So how do you now access ScenarioContext and FeatureContext? Let’s first focus on ScenarioContext. Previously you would access ScenarioContext using […]

SpecFlow Project Template with dotnet new

To make it easier to create new SpecFlow projects, we have created a project template that you can access with dotnet new. As with all templates, you need to install them first before you can use the templates. More information on installing templates can be found here. Note: You need the .NET Core SDK installed […]

SpecFlow & SpecFlow+Runner 3.1 Are Here!

We are happy to announce the release of SpecFlow and SpecFlow+Runner 3.1. This update fixes a lot of smaller issues found by our community members over the last months, but we have also added some bigger features to this release. What’s new? 1. .NET Core 3.0 Support With the addition of nullable reference types in […]

Gherkin Conventions for Readable Specifications

This article was written by Sophie Keiblinger. Sophie has been a software test engineer at TechTalk since 2014 and is based in Vienna, Austria. She is passionate about BDD and test automation because it “encourages and fosters communication between all stakeholders and leaves more time for exploring and finding the interesting stuff”. Developers have coding […]

Updating Plugins for SpecFlow 3

This article covers updating existing plugins to work with SpecFlow 3. If you are interested in developing your own plugins, the documentation for SpecFlow plugins is here. This documentation includes links to sample plugins that you can use as a basis for developing your own. Overview With SpecFlow 3, the plugins you want to use […]

SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension Updated

We have released a new version of the Visual Studio Extension that adds two new features. IntelliSense for Table Column Headings The auto-complete suggestions now also display column names from tables in your feature files: A bit thanks to slig3 for adding this feature that will surely be appreciate by many users! Reformatting Feature Files […]

Changes to the SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension

The Visual Studio extension has been updated for SpecFlow 3. The following is a summary of the changes. Visual Studio 2019 Support The latest version of the Visual Studio extension is compatible with Visual Studio 2019. Legacy Single File Generator We strongly recommend using the MSBuild integration to generate your code behind files. However, when […]

Updating to SpecFlow 3

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Changelogs You can find an overview of the new features in SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner here. The full changelog for SpecFlow is here. More information on using SpecFlow with .NET Core can be found here. Make a Backup! Before upgrading to the latest version, ensure you have a backup of your project (either […]