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Updating Plugins for SpecFlow 3

This article covers updating existing plugins to work with SpecFlow 3. If you are interested in developing your own plugins, the documentation for SpecFlow plugins is here. This documentation includes links to sample plugins that you can use as a basis for developing your own. Overview With SpecFlow 3, the plugins you want to use […]

SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension Updated

We have released a new version of the Visual Studio Extension that adds two new features. IntelliSense for Table Column Headings The auto-complete suggestions now also display column names from tables in your feature files: A bit thanks to slig3 for adding this feature that will surely be appreciate by many users! Reformatting Feature Files […]

Changes to the SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension

The Visual Studio extension has been updated for SpecFlow 3. The following is a summary of the changes. Visual Studio 2019 Support The latest version of the Visual Studio extension is compatible with Visual Studio 2019. Legacy Single File Generator We strongly recommend using the MSBuild integration to generate your code behind files. However, when […]

Updating to SpecFlow 3

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Changelogs You can find an overview of the new features in SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner here. The full changelog for SpecFlow is here. More information on using SpecFlow with .NET Core can be found here. Make a Backup! Before upgrading to the latest version, ensure you have a backup of your project (either […]

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.2.19 Released

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.2.19 has been released and is available on the Visual Studio marketplace. This version includes the following changes: Changing the build definition/branch selection or selecting a node in the feature tree updates the URL in the address bar Opening a link to LivingDoc containing a feature/scenario now selects the corresponding drop-down entries and […]


Generating Code Behind Files using MSBuild

Since SpecFlow 1.9, your can generate the code-behind files for feature files (*.feature.cs) at compile time. To do so, you need to use a MSBuild Task. The documentation is here. Pros Feature files and code-behind files are always in sync No need to check the feature.cs files into your source control system Works without Visual […]

SpecFlow Support over the Holiday Period 2018-2019

We hope that you have had a productive year! Given the way the holidays fall this year, we will only be able to provide limited support from 20 December 2018 until the the second week of January. The whole SpecFlow team at TechTalk will be away from 24 December 2018 until 7 January 2019.  Support […]

SpecFlow 3 VSIX Considerations

As announced here, we need to update the SpecFlow Visual Studio extension (VSIX) for SpecFlow 3. The updates mean the new extension will not be compatible with older versions of SpecFlow ( <2.3.2). We plan to update the SpecFlow Visual Studio extension with the SpecFlow 3-compatible version when SpecFlow 3 is officially released. Note that […]