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NuGet Packages – Reserved ID and Naming Conventions

Microsoft is introducing package identity verification for packages on nuget.org. This will allow developers to reserve particular ID prefixes used to identify. This in turn should help users identify which packages have been submitted by the owner of the ID prefix. We have submitted a request to reserve the “SpecFlow” NuGet package prefix, which is […]

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.6.3 Released

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.6.3 has been released and is available to download from nuget.org. This minor release fixes two bugs: CommunicationObjectFaultedException thrown when using process separation in conjunction with DateTime CommunicationObjectFaultedException with tests that take a long time to complete. This was caused by a time limit of 10 minutes for responses; the time limit has […]

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.6.2 Minor Release

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.6.2 is now available to download from NuGet.org. This release addresses two issues in SpecFlow+ Runner: Workaround for issue 935, where the project name and projectId (GUID) are not automatically entered in your profile when installing the package. Note: You will still need to manually enter a GUID in your profile if you […]

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.1.9 Released

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been updated. If you are using the VSTS version, you will automatically receive this update. TFS users will need to download the extension from the marketplace. This release introduces a number of UX improvements and additional features: Click on Show source when viewing the documentation to switch to the source file in […]

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.6.1 Released

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.6.1 is now available from NuGet. This minor release and adds support for the “Run Functional Tests” task in TFS/VSTS and fixes the following issues: Project paths containing a hash character (‘#’) no longer cause a file not found exception Tests are no longer duplicated in the Test Explorer in VS

Fit-for-purpose Gherkin

A common mistake I see is the tendency to write Gherkin specification as if they were a series of instructions describing the algorithm for how the test is executed: “enter X” or “open page Y”. This is understandable; after all, it’s how you might write a standard test script. It’s very easy to continue using […]

Conflict with SpecFlow+ Runner and NUnit 3.7.1

Note: This issue has been fixed with NUnit 3.8. NUnit 3.7.1 introduced changes that break NUnit tests executed with SpecFlow+ Runner when using NUnit’s Assert function. This results in an error similar to the following: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. […]

New SpecFlow+ Renewal Policy

A number of customers have contacted us in the past asking for option to renew their support period for SpecFlow+ so they can upgrade to a newer version. Until now, the only official option in this case was to purchase a new license at full cost. This seems unfair on those users who want to […]

SpecFlow+ 1.6 Released

SpecFlow+ 1.6.0 has been officially released and can now be downloaded. SpecFlow+ Runner New Features Support for SpecFlow 2.2.0 Execution time of scenarios and features added to standard report template New configuration setting to handle conflicts with existing report files with the same name (overwrite, rename) Support for placeholders in additional report file names (current […]