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Video: Traits in SpecFlow

Sophie Keiblinger from TechTalk has taken time out from her testing duties to share a couple of insights into how she and her team use traits (tags) in SpecFlow. This ranges from keeping track of the user stories associated with changes to scenarios, using traits to communicate the status of tests with other team members […]

SpecFlow VS Integration 2017.1 Released

SpecFlow Visual Studio integration 2017.1 has been released. This version introduces basic support for Visual Studio 2017, as well as supporting earlier versions of Visual Studio. There are however some limitations when using Visual Studio 2017: This version does not support the new project system in Visual Studio 2017. Support for the new project system […]

Website Redesign

We’re sure you’ve already noticed that the SpecFlow website has changed in appearance. We’ve tried to tidy things up a little and have made a few changes to the site, in particular the News section, which now has categories and filters. To make the transition as painless as possible, we have retained most of the […]

Anatomy of a Gherkin

Dirk Rombauts from Pickles Pro has written an in-depth guide to the Gherkin syntax called Anatomy of a Gherkin. It’s a great introduction to the Gherkin syntax. As well as tackling the various Gherkin keywords, Dirk has drawn on his extensive experience to include practical tips and potential pitfalls, as well as explaining how to […]

Dependency Injection with Autofac and Unity

Gaspar Nagy recently released SpecFlow.Autofac, a plugin that allows you to use the popular Autofac dependency injection framework with SpecFlow. You can read more about it on Gaspar’s blog as well as download the project and use it as a starting point for your own. Paul Hatcher did just that and has published a version […]

SpecFlow V2.1 Released

SpecFlow V2.1 has been officially released and is available to download from NuGet. The most important changes are: Updated to Gherkin 4.0.0 parser Plugin interface for generator and runtime plugins Changed to an event-based interface and added additional hooks for customizing TestThread and scenario dependencies Two new assist methods, FindInSet and FindAllInSet. The following issue […]

SpecFlow+ V1.4 Released

25 May 2016 SpecFlow+ V1.4 has been officially released and is available to download from NuGet. The most important changes are: Updated SpecFlow+ Excel for SpecFlow 2 compatibility (compatible with SpecFlow 2.1) Support for SpecFlow V2’s shared AppDomain parallelisation Use the “about” option to display additional license info (expiry date, upgrade until date) from the […]

SpecFlow 2 Pre-release with Updated Gherkin Parser

A new SpecFlow 2 pre-release package (SpecFlow 2.1.0-preview20160412-16) is available on NuGet: Updated Gherkin parser Improved output support for the specflow.exe GenerateAll command Improved debugging support for the specflow.exe GenerateAll command Note: This is a pre-release version; the package will only show up in the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio if you chose to […]

SpecFlow+ Excel 1.4 Release Candidate

SpecFlow+ Excel has been updated for compatibility with SpecFlow 2. A pre-release version is now available on NuGet. This package requires an updated pre-release version of SpecFlow 2 that will automatically be installed with the SpecFlow+ Excel package. The new SpecFlow 2 package includes an updated Gherkin parser required by the Excel plugin. SpecFlow+ Runner […]