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SpecFlow+ Excel 1.4 Release Candidate

SpecFlow+ Excel has been updated for compatibility with SpecFlow 2. A pre-release version is now available on NuGet. This package requires an updated pre-release version of SpecFlow 2 that will automatically be installed with the SpecFlow+ Excel package. The new SpecFlow 2 package includes an updated Gherkin parser required by the Excel plugin. SpecFlow+ Runner […]

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.4 Release Candidate

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.4 has been released on NuGet.org. This is a pre-release version, so the package will only show up in Visual Studio if you have chosen to display pre-releases. This release introduces SharedAppDomain support for test thread isolation in order to use the parallelization features introduced with SpecFlow 2. You can also read more […]

SpecFlow V2 Release

Before installing the new version, please read the information on updating. The installation procedure is also covered there. Note that SpecFlow 2 requires .NET 4.5 or higher! WHAT’S NEW IN SPECFLOW V2? Important changes in SpecFlow V2 include: All components upgraded to .NET 4.5. Note: SpecFlow v2 will no longer work with older .NET runtimes! […]

SpecFlow+ Version 1.3 Released

Note: If you haven’t already, please read the information on upgrading to SpecFlow 2. SpecFlow+ 1.3 has been released. This new version supports SpecFlow 2. SpecFlow+ 1.3 also uses Razor 3.6.1 (as opposed to Razor 2.1.0). This means you may need to update your report templates to refect the changes in the Razor syntax in […]