In the context of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), automation is where formalized scenarios (e.g. Gherkin, Given-When-Then) are turned into automated acceptance tests. The test automation happens in the Automation step of BDD, after Discovery and Formulation.

Automated acceptance tests significantly reduce efforts for regression testing and provide immediate feedback when the specification documentation doesn’t match the system behavior anymore (hence the term Living Documentation).

Automation is most efficient with acceptance test driven development as a whole team approach. When development teams outsource automation to dedicated automation roles or teams, handoffs, misunderstandings, and competing priorities tend to impact accuracy and efficiency.

Although teams can still gain value from BDD when skipping Automation, Automation is highly recommended to reap all of BDD’s benefits.

Get started with SpecFlow and Automation

SpecFlow allows automation of Gherkin scenario steps through bindings. The most importation binding is a step definition, that automates a single scenario step.

Get Started with our step-by-step guide on how to automate with SpecFlow.