Three Amigos

The mixture of different perspectives involved in Discovery is called “Three amigos” (after the movie):

  • Business with the perspective of the “happy/success cases” that provide business value
  • Developers with the perspective of technical constraints to consider when coming up with a feasible solution
  • Testers with the perspective of exceptions and edge-cases that need to be considered in addition to the “success case”

However the number of perspectives should not be limited; you can also include other roles such as UX, security experts, etc. The “three amigos” term comes from the suggestion that groups of “three” collaborate most effectively in this activity, and three roles to involve in all situations are business, development and testing. Larger groups usually break-out collaboration in triples and aggregate their results afterwards. Break-outs can be on the same topic to increase diverse perspectives or on different topics to handle more topics in a workshop.