Benefits for developers

Test execution and reporting

With SpecFlow you can easily run your tests and generate full documentation for your stakeholders with every new build – easy as pie!

3 Easy steps to execute tests


Write executable speci­fica­tions in natural language

How to write Gherkin?

Bind the specifications defined to your code

How to bind steps?

Run the tests

How to configure?

Test first development

Mark steps as not implemented

Start with automating the specifications before writing your business logic.

More on marking steps
Clean the test database before scenario:
[When(@"I set the current ScenarioContext to pending"]
public void WhenIHaveAPendingStep() {
throw new PendingStepException();

Executing specific scenarios in your build pipeline

Tag tests to filter the test execution in your build pipeline.

12345678Feature:@executionTagScenario: Given:When:Then:

Tagging for execution slicing

Enhance test-execution-speed by executing on multiple agents

Use Tags within your tests to create your own build pipelines.


Automate using any .NET library

SpecFlow integrates seamlessly with all .NET libraries.

More on integrations

Unit test runner & framework agnostic

SpecFlow works with industry leading unit test runners. Pick the one you are familiar with or use our own SpecFlow+ Runner.

SpecFlow+ Runner

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