Benefits for Testers

Apply your skills throughout the entire development cycle

SpecFlow uses human-readable descriptions of software requirements as the basis for software tests to form a shared understanding.

Help your team fill in the blanks while defining requirements

By practicing BDD to get to your acceptance criteria, you will quickly find the hidden pieces and ensure everyone interprets them in the same way.

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A common language that is understood by all parties

Different team members with unique points of view might make a topic confusing. Using Gherkin helps you to establish a shared understanding for the entire team.

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Scenario: Simple search
When I search for ".NET BDD framework"
Then the list of found results should contain: SpecFlow

Make maintaining and extending existing automated tests easy

SpecFlow enables you to separate the test cases from your automation, reducing the effort needed to maintain your tests.


Reporting made easy

SpecFlow helps you combine your test case documentation along with the test automation results in one place. We call this the Living Documentation.

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Add additional value to the team as a tester and…

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