End of Visual Studio 2015 Support

On October 13th, 2020 Microsoft has ended its mainstream support for Visual Studio 2015. Since we are already trying to stay better in sync with the official release cycle for .NET and the declining interest in Visual Studio 2015, we decided to only support the latest two versions of Visual Studio (2017 and 2019) from now onwards.

For this reason, we will no longer support for Visual Studio 2015 and provide no more updates for the SpecFlow Visual Studio 2015 Extension.

The SpecFlow Visual Studio 2015 Extension will still be available on the Visual Studio Marketplace, but we will not provide any further updates from now on.

If you are still using Visual Studio 2015 and don’t want to miss the latest SpecFlow enhancements, we suggest to update to the latest version of Visual Studio and use our SpecFlow Visual Studio 2019 Extension.

For further questions or if you are facing any problems with upgrading to the latest version of SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension, please open a support request.