Free merchandising package

Over the past months, many users asked us about SpecFlow merchandising. In particular, we have had requests for stickers for conferences/meet-ups. We have therefore decided to make 2 packages available to the SpecFlow community, one for conferences/meet-ups, and one for contributors to the open source project.

For Conferences, Training, and Meet-ups

SpecFlow has many enthusiastic users from all over the world who regularly get together to share experiences. If you are organizing an event related to SpecFlow or BDD/ATDD/SbE, we can send you a conference package consisting of SpecFlow swag in the shape of various stickers and SpecFlow flyers.

For Contributors

Have you contributed to the SpecFlow open source project and want to show your commitment to the project? As a thank you for contributing, we can send you some SpecFlow stickers so you can help spread the word – and maybe even encourage others to contribute.