How to choose between BDD and unit tests? #GivenWhenThenWithStyle

For the next challenge, we’re inviting the community to provide an answer to a relatively common question, on deciding when to use a BDD specification for a feature, and when not:

I see the benefit of using Gherkin for user-facing end to end tests, but a lot of the examples here seem to be testing components or smaller code units, not just user interface. This can lead to duplication between different types of tests. If something can be covered equally well with a unit test or Given-When-Then, it’s not easy to decide where to put it. How do you choose if something should be a unit test or a BDD spec?

Participate in the challenge by posting your answer by Monday 7th December, using the link below. We’ll publish the full response with the analysis of the answers on December 9th.

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