How to identify the intent of a confusing scenario? #GivenWhenThenWithStyle

The next challenge is going to be a bit more open-ended than usual.

When faced with a confusing scenario written in Gherkin, how would you engage the other members of the team to understand the intent?

A reader sent us the scenario below to illustrate this challenge. We’re looking for practical tips and tricks that people in a similar situation could use to understand what’s going on, before trying to rewrite this into something more sensible.

Scenario Outline: Should display a balance, account, account type, and name for each recipient for account

Given User sets language as English
When User goes to the account selection page
And Should navigate to login for plan for <cardsize>
And User logins into account for <user>
And User closes dashboard popup
Then Should display a recipient name with a balance, masked account, and account type


| user   | cardsize      |
| user5  | full cards    |
| user6  | reduced cards |

To participate, propose your ideas before Monday 5th April. We’ll publish the solutions on the 8th of April. As usual, if you have a longer idea, post it somewhere (such as a blog or social media) and send us the link.