How to write a good scenario title? #GivenWhenThenWithStyle

For the next challenge, we’ll look at how to create good scenario titles. Instead of asking you to submit full solutions, we’d like you to vote for one of the proposed titles.

Here’s an example scenario outline dealing with choosing a shipping method for an order, based on its price.

Given a user orders an item of <cost> USD
When the order is dispatched
Then the selected shipping method should be <shipping>

| cost    | shipping    |
| 1       | post        |
| 10      | post        |
| 49.99   | post        |
| 50      | courier     |
| 100     | courier     |

Option 1

Scenario Outline: Item shipping

Option 2

Scenario Outline: Choose shipping depending on order price

Option 2

Scenario Outline: Expensive items should use secure shipping

Option 3

Scenario Outline: Items over 50 USD should use couriers, not regular post

Participate in the challenge by voting for your preferred title (or submitting an alternative) until Monday 5th October, using the button below.

The survey is now closed.

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