Introducing the SpecFlow Inner Circle

At SpecFlow we highly appreciate user feedback and working with our community. You can reach us on multiple channels: our free Support, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and YouTube).

Although all of these channels are very important for us, we would now like to take our commitment to the next level and give you a chance to get even more involved in our work. This is why we are excited to introduce the SpecFlow Inner Circle, where you have the power to make our products even better for you and the rest of our user base.

By becoming a member, you will regularly be asked for feedback on product backlog items. These requests can be as simple as answering a questionnaire or as advanced as evaluating a prototype. You also don’t need to be an expert. If you are still new to SpecFlow, your insights are very valuable for us as well.

Now it is your chance! Get involved and shape the future of SpecFlow according to your needs and join the SpecFlow Inner Circle.

Want to let us know about your own ideas that improve SpecFlow? Share them with us and create or vote on a feature request here!