Latest Feature additions to SpecFlow+ LivingDoc

Improved Editing Experience

With the latest version of SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Azure DevOps we improved the editing experience of feature files. It is easier now, to jump from your Living Documentation to your source file, with the improved “Open Editor” button. It is replacing the old “Show Source” link. This navigates you to the feature file in the repository hub of Azure DevOps.

And there, we made the second improvement. Feature files have now syntax highlighting, which should make editing these much easier.

Note: The improved editing experience of feature files is only available for Azure DevOps and currently we only support feature files in English and German. If you are interested in support for other languages, please let us know.

Improved Tag Display

We improved the display of the tags on the Feature and Scenario level. They are now better to read and to notice.

Also when you have an tag on the Feature level, you will see it also on Scenario level. To differentiate them, they have a gray background, instead of a light blue one.

Download and Share your Living Documentation

Perhaps you saw it already in the previous screenshots, but there is now a Download button next to “SpecFlow+ LivingDoc”. This allows you now to download the current displayed Living Documentation as a single file, that you can easily share with people, who have no access to your Azure DevOps project.