Let’s start the New year working together on SpecFlow!

Work together on SpecFlow

One of our New Years’ resolutions is, to make it easier to work on the SpecFlow project and to attract more people to contribute to it. So starting with the new year, we want to try out new things. You probably noticed some (Discord server, SpecFlow Community Heroes, …) of them already.

Probably the biggest experiment is our so called “OSS Iteration”. Starting from January 12th, for two weeks, the whole team is doing this:

  1. Being a Mentor to new and existing contributors
    If you want to start contributing to SpecFlow but don’t have an idea where to start, somebody of us will be available to help you. Also if you don’t know yet, what you want to contribute, we will be there for you. Simply join #contributing on our Discord Server and ask for help.
  2. Help and guide you with your changes to SpecFlow until the Pull Request is created
    You want to fix an issue on your own, but get stuck? Also, join the #contributing channel on our Discord Server and ask for help.
  3. Working through open issues
    We are working on this iteration solely on GitHub issues. One big topic that we are looking at is to fix the parallel execution issues when a scenario from multiple feature files are executed in parallel. The rest of the team will work through an already selected list of issues. Take a look as well and let us know if you would like to pick something up from there.

Of course, all your contributions are eligible for our just launched SpecFlow Community Hero program! Simply submit your GitHub contribution and the top 3 of the month will become a SpecFlow Community Hero. If you don’t make it in January, submit it again in February or March. You can submit PRs that are a maximum of three months old. So there can be nine SpecFlow Community Heroes from this OSS Iteration.

And be assured, this two weeks will not be a one- time- only event. We are planning to do this at least every 3 months.

In any case, we are always available for you to guide you through contributing to SpecFlow – just reach out. During the 2 weeks following January 12th 2021 the difference is that the entire SpecFlow team is focussed on it.

So don’t wait until January and