NuGet Packages – Reserved ID and Naming Conventions

Microsoft is introducing package identity verification for packages on This will allow developers to reserve particular ID prefixes used to identify. This in turn should help users identify which packages have been submitted by the owner of the ID prefix.

We have submitted a request to reserve the “SpecFlow” NuGet package prefix, which is used to identify official SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ packages. This will mean that new packages with the SpecFlow prefix can only be submitted by TechTalk, and will indicate that these packages are official.

We have also requested the SpecFlow.Contrib prefix be made publicly accessible for developers who want to release their own packages for SpecFlow. If you want to submit your own package for SpecFlow whose name begins with “SpecFlow”, you can use this prefix. This will indicate to users that the package is intended for use with SpecFlow, but is a third-party contribution.

These changes will not affect existing packages using the SpecFlow prefix that have already been submitted to If you are the owner of such a package, you should be able to update the package as usual. You may however want to change the name of your package to reflect the new convention.


In summary, here are the prefixes we have requested:

  • SpecFlow.*
  • SpecRun.*


You can find out more about the idea behind package IDs on the blog.