Our second open-source iteration starts next week!

Work together on SpecFlow

Yes, immediately after a long easter weekend we are starting with our second OSS iteration. As in our first OSS iteration this means:

  1. The whole team is available as a mentor to new and existing contributors
    If you want to start contributing to SpecFlow but don’t have an idea where to start, somebody of us will be available to help you. Also if you don’t know yet, what you want to contribute, we will be there for you. Simply join #contributing on our Discord Server and ask for help.
  2. We will help and guide you with your changes to SpecFlow until the Pull Request is created and merged
    You want to fix an issue on your own, but get stuck? Also, join the #contributing channel on our Discord Server and ask for help.
  3. Review and give feedback on open Pull Requests
    We will go through all still open Pull Requests and review them and try to get them merged as quickly as possible.

Additionally this time the team will work on a bigger new feature for SpecFlow. We are working on a new dedicated API for test output, which will work with all supported unit test runners (xUnit, NUnit, MSTest, SpecFlow+ Runner) and in the future with SpecFlow+ LivingDoc. So there will be no need to find the correct unit test provider APIs anymore or using Console.WriteLine and wondering afterward, why half of the output is missing. We want to fix this missing and confusing part of SpecFlow for once and all.

And no, we are not doing this:

Credits xkcd.com – https://xkcd.com/927/

Because there is no standard yet for a test output API 😉.

And like the last time, all your contributions are eligible for our SpecFlow Community Hero program! Anything that looks like a bugfix, feature, example, explanation, guidance, content, or mentoring is one.

So update your Visual Studio and get prepared for the next two weeks. We hope we see you in our Discord server!