SpecFlow+ 1.6 Released

SpecFlow+ 1.6.0 has been officially released and can now be downloaded.

SpecFlow+ Runner

New Features

  • Support for SpecFlow 2.2.0
  • Execution time of scenarios and features added to standard report template
  • New configuration setting to handle conflicts with existing report files with the same name (overwrite, rename)
  • Support for placeholders in additional report file names (current date and time, project GUID)
  • Report template for JSON output
  • Report template for XML output
  • Added option for CopyFolder DeploymentStep to disable cleanup of target folder before copying


Bug Fixes:

  • Filters for functional tests now use same syntax as everywhere else
  • Execution via Visual Studio TestAdapter (VS or TFS) now takes into account entries in TestAssemblyPaths and no longer executes all given assemblies
  • testpath filter now works with colon (:) in scenario title
  • Use projectName in SpecFlow+ server if no project name is specified in the .srprofile file

SpecFlow+ Excel

New Features:

  • Scenario description now supported
  • Support for SpecFlow 2.1 & 2.2


Bug Fixes:

  • Better recognition of Gherkin keywords in rows