SpecFlow & SpecFlow+Runner 3.4 Are Available!

What is new?

This release of SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner combines a few small fixes. The biggest change is the support for our new upcoming product SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator. For a complete list have a look at the detailed changelog below.

Thanks to all our amazing contributors!

This release would not be possible without you.

These are contributors to SpecFlow since the last 3.3.74 release

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Detailed Changelog


API Changes:

  • IGherkinParser.Parse method signature change – external usages must be updated


  • Allow incremental builds to work correctly for projects with MSTest/NUnit/xUnit integration
  • Extend FeatureInfo with FolderPath information
  • RuntimePluginTestExecutionLifecycleEvents – allow runtime plugins to subscribe to test execution lifecycle events (similarly to the hooks in binding code)
  • Remove TestRunEnd extension point (obsolete with RuntimePluginTestExecutionLifecycleEvents)

SpecFlow+ Runner


  • Support for SpecFlow 3.4


  • Fix issue with test execution after publishing the test project