We are going to stream live on Twitch.tv

SpecFlow + Twitch

You’ve probably noticed that we published a lot of educational content in the last weeks. It all started with Gojko Adzic’s ongoing “Given-When-Then With Style Challenge” series.

Last week we started to upload our brand new “Getting Started with SpecFlow” video series on our YouTube Channel 📺. But that’s not all!

📢 On October 1st at 1:00 pm CEST (4:30 pm IST, 12:00 pm BST, 7:00 am EDT) we are starting to stream weekly on our new Twitch.tv Channel.

Our streams will mostly cover the automation part of SpecFlow, therefore you will see us writing a lot of code for automating various application types. We will start with Selenium to test an ASP.NET Core web application.

We’re planning to cover the following technologies, libraries and tools:

  • Azure Functions
  • Appium
  • Blazor (WebAssembly for .NET)
  • RestSharp
  • mobile Applications with Xamarin

If you are interested to see a topic covered in the streams, please create an issue at https://github.com/SpecFlowOSS/Streaming-Projects. All of the projects we are creating during the streams will also be published on this GitHub repository.

Since our community is globally distributed and we want that most of you are able to tune in, we will try to schedule the streams in the future at different time slots. Until then and if you are missing one of our streams, you can watch anytime the recording on our YouTube channel.

Sounds amazing? Make sure you don’t miss our first stream and follow us already on Twitch.tv 👇