We’re excited to announce our new community forum!

Join the SpecFlow community

Since nearly the beginning of SpecFlow, we had a Google Group, so that we as a community can help each other out with our questions, issues, and problems when using SpecFlow and BDD. Google Groups was a useful tool in this time, but we noticed in the last months more and more it’s limitations.

So we started the search for a new forum tool for our community and we were successful.

📢 The new Community Forum is now available: https://go.specflow.org/join-the-community

New features with the new forum software

Our new community forum brings a lot of helpful improvements and additional benefits:

1. Better writing experience

The editor to write new posts and comments is much better. As Google Groups is heavily based on Email, there are limitations. These are now gone. So inline images, formatting source code as code, and other features are available.

2. Searchable by search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, …)

Somehow our Google Group was never indexed by the major search engines and so the knowledge that was collected there over the years was somehow hidden. We tried to fix this but were not able to.
With the new Community Forum, the content is now finally findable by the search engines. We hope this helps especially new users in the community to find quickly an answer to their questions.

3. Voting on Feature request priority

To make it easier for you all to vote on feature requests and influence our prioritization of them in our backlog, we created in the Community Forum a special section to have a better overview of all of them. We moved most of the feature requests from GitHub there and you can find it here. Sadly we could not take over the existing votes. So if you are still interested in a feature request, please vote again on the new list.

If you have a new feature request, please add it to the list.

What will happen with the old Google Groups?

Until January, 31st 2021, both Google Groups and the Community Forum will be available. On February, 1st 2021 we will make the Google Groups read-only. The knowledge will be not lost, but new posts and comments can then only be made in the Community forum.

We encourage you to start using the new Community Forum as early as possible, so we all can get the benefits of it much earlier.

What do I need to access the Community Forum?

To post in the Community Forum you will need a SpecFlow Account. If you have one already, because you are using one of our SpecFlow+ products, you can reuse it. If you don’t have one yet, you will be asked to create one before you can submit your post or comment.

For reading the content on the Community Forum you don’t need a SpecFlow account.

What should I do, when I have an idea to make the Community Forum even better?

Please post your suggestions in the forum and let us discuss your idea there. One example is, that we have only two sections, one for general discussions and one for the feature request. Our thought was, we start small and easy and if needed, we can expand this. But this is not set in stone and we can change this anytime depending on your input and feedback.