Xray Support for SpecFlow in JIRA

We are pleased to announce that Xray, a test management solution for JIRA, now supports SpecFlow+ Runner. Many software development teams work with JIRA, but integrating SpecFlow with JIRA can be challenging. Xray helps out by allowing you to manage tests in JIRA, generate the corresponding feature files, and import your test results so they are visible in JIRA itself.

When using Xray, you can choose to edit and manage your scenarios in Jira, or continue working with feature files within your source repository. Both these methods are described here.

If you choose to manage features in JIRA, you can generate the necessary .feature files using the Export to Cucumber option in the user interface:


If you choose to manage your features files as part of your repository, there are a few steps you should take, including tagging tests with an ID to ensure they are always mapped to the same test in Xray. These steps are covered towards the end of the page.

In order to generate test results that can be viewed in JIRA, you will need to output your test results as a JSON report using SpecFlow+ Runnner. A suitable template is included with SpecFlow+ Runner (located under Templates in your project’s SpecRun.Runner packages folder). This report can then be imported into JIRA to view the tests’ status there.

If you are interested in finding out more about Xray, there is a short video overview available here. You can find more detailed information, including pricing, on the Atlassian marketplace. There are also regular webinars that walk you through the Xray’s features.