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Contribution to SpecFlow

Chris Rudolphi Github

Chris fixed a parsing error for multiline text arguments.

Contribution to SpecFlow Documentation

Greg Burghardt Github

Greg did an amazing job and added a lot of info to the SpecFlow.Assists documentation.

Contribution to SpecFlow.Rider

Radu Vasilascu Github

Radu fixed an issue in the JetBrains Rider SpecFlow Plugin.

Contribution to SpecFlow

Ross Ackland Github

Ross enhanced the SpecFlow.AutoFac functionality.

Contribution to SpecFlow

Emil Tzvetkov Github

Emil enhanced the TableAliases support in SpecFlow.Assist 

Contribution to SpecFlow Documentation

Samuel Janek Github

Samuel fixed an error in our documentation.

Contribution to SpecFlow

Sandro Bollhalder Github

Sandro send us again a lot of contributions to SpecFlow

  • https://github.com/SpecFlowOSS/SpecFlow/pull/2410
  • https://github.com/SpecFlowOSS/SpecFlow/pull/2566
  • https://github.com/SpecFlowOSS/SpecFlow/pull/2570
  • https://github.com/SpecFlowOSS/SpecFlow/pull/2565
  • https://github.com/SpecFlowOSS/SpecFlow/pull/2573

Collection of BDD material

Mateusz Szczeciński Text

Mateusz collected a lot of material related to BDD

Contribution to SpecFlow.Actions

Yann D'Isanto Github

Yann added support for a Playwright feature to SpecFlow.Actions.Playwright.

Contribution to SpecFlow.Actions

Sven Seyfert Github

Sven added new helper methods.

Blog Post about Experience with SpecFlow

Abdallah Yashir Ramsing

Abdallah tells us about their experience with SpecFlow

Contribution to SpecFlow.Actions

Kamil Prosowski Github

Kamil added WebKit support for our Playwright SpecFlow.Action

Contribution to SpecFlow Documentation

Luis Alvarez Github
Fix typos in Driver Pattern Documentation

Pluralsight Course about SpecFlow and Appium

Marko Vajs Video
This course will teach you what behavior-driven development is and how to implement it with SpecFlow and Appium.

Contribution to SpecFlow Actions

Kamil Prosowski Github
Fixing bugs in the Playwright Actions

Social Media Coverage of the SpecFlow Masterclass

Suyash Verma Social Media
3 practices of BDD. Screenshot from day 1 of SpecFlow Masterclass.

Remove ParallelizeDecorator introduced in #746

shack05 Github

Feature "Added Feature Tag called parallelize" from #746 is broken, and there is already an alternative to it. See #2409

  • Remove the feature introduced in #746

Use tags to opt out of feature parallelization

shack05 Github

The approach in #746 of opting in to parallelization doesn't align well with the unit test frameworks which provide opt out behaviour.

MSTest v2, NUnit, and XUnit each have a mechanism to opt out of parallelism for a test class.

Handling exceptions in SpecFlow

Ronald Bosma Text

Roland uses Gherkin scenarios to describe the functional specifications of his software and SpecFlow to automate these scenarios as tests. Usually there will be a couple of scenarios describing the happy path of the feature he is building but also some scenarios concerning failures. Depending on how the application code works, these failures are represented by exceptions. In this post he explains how he handles these exceptions.

How BDD enables True CI/CD – Tampa Bay DevOps Group

Roger Turnau Video

Behavior Driven Development is one of the most commonly misunderstood techniques in DevOps, but it is also one of the key enablers of both an Agile culture and true continuous deployment. This talk will attempt to fill in the missing pieces on exactly what BDD is and how your teams can use it to increase communication, drive quality, and reduce waste. We will also connect the dots on why you need a test-first strategy to enable trunk-based development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. If your business still struggles with monthly or quarterly big-batch releases, this talk will show you what your teams must do to evolve to the next stage of continuous delivery.

Various Performance Improvements

Sandro Bollhalder Github

Pull Requests for Plugin Examples

Itamar Amith Github




BDD with Specflow, an introduction

Pallavi Video

Promoting on Twitter

Ninad Ingale Social Media

Test d’integration AspNetCore sous Net 5

Julien Vandenbussche Text

Starting Out With UI Automation Using SpecFlow

Louise Gibbs Text

The Joy of Functional Testing with SpecFlow

Sean Killeen Public Speaking

What is BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)? Specflow for .Net | Gherkin syntax

Komal Bhosale Public Speaking

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a branch of Test Driven Development (TDD). BDD uses human-readable descriptions of software user requirements as the basis for software tests. BDD is the definition of a shared vocabulary between stakeholders, domain experts, and engineers.

Various Performance Improvements

Sandro Bollhalder Github




Improving Teamwork with SpecFlow+ LivingDoc

Andrew Knight Text

SpecFlow is an excellent Behavior-Driven Development test framework for .NET. Recently, SpecFlow released a new reporting tool called SpecFlow+ LivingDoc, which generates living documentation for features.

Getting started with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in .NET using SpecFlow

Nick Chapsas Video

In this video I will show you how you can get started with behavior driven development or BDD in .NET. For this video I will be using SpecFlow to demonstrate the concept and the implementation but there are ther packages as well that can be used.

The Joy of Functional Testing with SpecFlow

Sean Killeen Public Speaking

Automatically include TechTalk.SpecFlow.MSTest.SpecFlowPlugin.dll as a deployment item for MSTest V2

Rami Abughazaleh Github

This will always put a [DeploymentItem] attribute on every feature class. Which has a side effect for users, that don't have deployment items yet. When using DeploymentItems, the output path is different as without any. It will switch to the TestResults folder from the output directory.

Show duration for a failed step

Chuck Konala Github
Duration is not passed to the _testtracer when a test fails. Created a Duration variable, initialized it to zero. when the test is executed this variable is filled with the time taken to execute the steps. The variable is then passed to the testtracer where i have made necessary changes to accept the timespan and output it as part of the error message.

Are We Doing BDD The Right Way?

Surat Das Video

If your automation team is converting manual test cases to BDD without following principles, please watch this video.

Promoting on Twitter

Garima Singh Social Media
SpecFlow helps teams bind automation to feature files and share the resulting examples as Living Documentation across the team and stakeholders.

Specflow Living Documentation – Azure DevOps Integration

Execute Automation Video
In this video, we will discuss Specflow Living Documentation integration with Azure DevOps via build pipeline. This feature is pretty useful while integrating the Build process in Azure DevOps along with Specflow as this gives a centralized Specflow report for each and every commit team make!

Einführung in Test-Driven Development (TDD) & Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) in .NET mit C#

Marco Wagner Video

Ein neues Software Projekt beginnt. Das Design der Architektur steht. Nun können die hoch motivierten Entwickler starten, ihre Fachbereiche mit Code zu füllen. Doch kommt es schon nach kurzer Zeit zu großen Problemen! Die Anwendung macht an unterschiedlichen Stellen alles andere als das, was gefordert wurde. Keiner kann am Ende sagen woran das liegt, jeder versucht seine Position zu verteidigen.

Add registration information to ValueRetriever documentation

Sean Killeen Github

Specflow Living Documentation with Analytics, Step level failure report and more …

Execute Automation Video

In this video, we will discuss Specflow Living Documentation with Analytics, Step level failure report and more cosmetic features introduced with the new update!