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What is BDD? How to use SpecFlow in Visual Studio 2022 – SpecFlow Series – Part 1

Test Community at Microsoft has recently published a great blog article about the concept of BDD and the usage of SpecFlow for .NET 6 in Visual Studio 2022. Check the article.  
Test Community At Microsoft 2022-03-21

Coding experience with Rider for SpecFlow with .NET 

Karthik KK. 2022-03-21

Step Argument Transformation of SpecFlow to handle dynamic Email address for Test Data

Karthik KK. 2021-12-10

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Elegant Acceptance Testing in .NET with SpecFlow

Nick Chapsas

5 things I love about SpecFlow


SpecFlow tips: Problems with placing step definitions to base classes

Gáspár Nagy

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SpecFlow Usage

What is BDD? How to use SpecFlow in Visual Studio 2022 – SpecFlow Series – Part 1

Test Community at Microsoft has recently published a great blog article about the concept of BDD and the usage of SpecFlow for .NET 6 in Visual Studio 2022. Check the article.  
Test Community At Microsoft 2022-03-21

Coding experience with Rider for SpecFlow with .NET 

In this video, Karthik shows how to write better automation testing code using SpecFlow with C# in Rider IDE while writing automated code in a cross-platform environment like macOS or Linux OS. Check it out.
Karthik KK. 2022-03-21

Step Argument Transformation of SpecFlow to handle dynamic Email address for Test Data

In this video, Karthik discusses Step Argument transformation of SpecFlow which helps you transform data based on Test data requirements. This scenario will help you to automate applications with any test data without worrying about the test data setup and...
Karthik KK. 2021-12-10

Working with Dynamic Test Data in Specflow with AutoFixture

In this video, Karthik discusses working with Dynamic test Data in SpecFlow along with AutoFixture. This scenario will help to automate application with any test data without worrying about the test data setup and test data tear down.
Karthik KK. 2021-12-07

Why SpecFlow and What’s the benefit of having it?🤷‍♀️

In this video, Karthik talks about Why SpecFlow and What's the benefit of having it? It's a great overview of SpecFlow and its products. Watch it! 
Karthik KK. 2021-11-19

Introducing all-new SpecFlow Online Gherkin Editor

In this video, Karthik talks about the all-new Specflow Online Gherkin Editor. The Gherkin Editor is a tool that allows you to write, download and share Gherkin Feature Files. it is bundled with a number of handy features to enable...
Karthik KK. 2021-11-17

Specflow Extension in VS 2022 | Parallel Specflow Selenium test in Dynamic Docker Grid

In this video, Karthik talks about the new Specflow Extension in Visual Studio 2022 and running Selenium test in Parallel with Selenium Grid using the all-new Dynamic Docker Selenium Grid. 
Karthik KK. 2021-11-11

How To Perform Parallel Execution With Specflow, NUnit, And Selenium

LambdaTest published a SpecFlow NUnit tutorial, you will learn how you can achieve NUnit parallel execution in SpecFlow. Hence, NUnit will be used as the SpecFlow test runner for demonstrating parallel execution in Selenium.
Himanshu Sheth 2021-10-19
SeleniumSpecFlow Usage

Complete SpecFlow Selenium C# Tutorial | Learn SpecFlow in 40 Minutes | LambdaTest

A good tutorial about SpecFlow Selenium C# Framework by Karthik KK. This tutorial deep dives into SpecFlow Selenium C# Framework. It helps you learn the fundamentals of the SpecFlow BDD framework and everything you need to know to perform Selenium...
Karthik KK. 2021-10-11

How to Use Ranorex Studio in Your BDD Process

This article describes how to use the Ranorex Studio IDE and the Ranorex API for test automation in your behavior-driven development (BDD) process. 
Ranorex 2021-09-06

4 Ways AI Will Impact Software Testing

As the innovations and the usage of AI have hit our day-to-day life, its impact on software development is not far away. One of the examples of that is Test Automation (or automated testing).
Sunita Vyas 2021-09-01

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Testing with Appium and SpecFlow

The Pluralsight course by Marko Vajs will teach you what behavior-driven development is and how to implement it with SpecFlow and Appium.
Marko Vajs 2021-08-24
Acceptance Testing

Types of Software Testing

Software testing is about checking if the software works properly and if it meets the written requirements specifications. There are various types of software testing: functional testing, non-functional testing, unit testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing, user interface testing, and much... 2021-08-13
UI Automation

13 DevOps Testing Tools For DevOps Professionals

MindMajix published a listing of top 13 DevOps tools, explaining their features and helping you to pick the one that best suits your needs.
MindMajix 2021-07-22
Acceptance Testing

Formulation Document Examples with Gáspár Nagy & Seb Rose

Gáspár Nagy and Seb Rose, authors of the book Formulation: Document examples with Given/When/Then, participated in a podcast episode of Joe Colantonio to talk about BDD and tipps for stakeholder collaboration. 
Joe Colantonio 2021-07-19

Handling exceptions in SpecFlow

Ronald Bosma shows how he handles exceptions in a test automation code with the generic ErrorDriver and ErrorSteps classes.
Ronald Bosma 2021-07-19
SpecFlow UsageUI Automation

End-To-End UI Testing using SpecFlow | FREE Blazor Crash Course (.NET 5)

This video is part of The FREE Blazor Crash Course. In this crash course, Claudio Bernasconi builds an actual Blazor WebAssembly application based on .NET 5. In this videp session, he adds end-to-end user interface testing using SpecFlow to the Blazor...
Claudio Bernasconi 2021-07-12
UI Automation

Automated UI testing in .NET using Playwright and Specflow

Nick Chapsas shows how to start writing elegant automatic UI test in C# and .NET using Specflow as a base for them. Playwright is a framework created by Microsoft and it enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps. It...
Nick Chapsas 2021-06-30
UI Automation

Are Automated Test Retries Good or Bad?

So, are automated test retries good or bad? This is actually a rather controversial topic. I’ve heard many voices strongly condemn automated retries as an antipattern. While I agree that automated retries can be abused, I nevertheless still believe they...
Automationpanda 2021-06-14
SpecFlow Usage

Test Driven Development vs Behavior Driven Development

TDD vs BDD, Test Driven Development vs Behaviour Driven Development which is most important to get right? Most people think of BDD and TDD as having distinctly different focusses in an effective automated testing strategy. In fact they are more...
Dave Farley 2021-06-09
SpecFlow Usage

Specflow and Selenium solution template

Specflow will be used to allow writing your test cases in the easy to understand Gherkin Syntax (Given-When-Then). Specflow is a behaviour Driven Development (BDD) for .NET. We will also use Selenium WebDriver to automate browsers and drive the UI....
Tom Phan 2021-06-06
SpecFlow Usage

Executable Tutorial: API Testing using RestSharp And SpecFlow

The learning objective of this tutorial is: At the end of the tutorial, the learner must be able to understand the basic concepts of the RestSharp & SpecFlow. Learners should be able to set up the RestSharp and SpecFlow on...
Rezaul Hasan 2021-04-29
SpecFlow Usage

Introduction To BDD using SpecFlow (.NET 5)

SpecFlow is an open-source framework for Behavior Driven Development that provides a mechanism to turn specifications into executable code that can be used to create automated tests.
Claudio Bernasconi 2021-04-21
Acceptance Testing

Elegant Acceptance Testing in .NET with SpecFlow

I will show you how you can start writing elegant acceptance tests for your .NET applications using SpecFlow. SpecFlow is an amazing tool, primarily used to BDD but it is also a great tool to use for Acceptance Testing.
Nick Chapsas 2021-04-21

Solving: How to write good UI interation Tests?

Writing good Gherkin is a passion of mine. Good Gherkin means good behavior specification, which results in better features, better tests, and ultimately better software. To help folks improve their Gherkin skills, Gojko Adzic and SpecFlow are running a series...
Automationpanda 2021-04-19
SpecFlow Usage

Test d’integration AspNetCore sous Net 5

Cela fait plusieurs années, que nous mettons en place les pratiques d’ingénieries logicielles, telles que TDD (Test Driven Development) et BDD (Behavior Driven Development). Je ne passerai pas en revue les avantages que ces pratiques apportent dans mes développements quotidien.
Vandenbussche Julien 2021-03-24
SpecFlow Usage

C# GraphQL Hotchocolate + Specflow Acceptance tests

I’ve shown how GraphQL can speed up development by creating flexible/efficient APIs and fitting into a microservices architecture here. But up to this point, I was developing without any tests, as they were just example codes, but if we want...
Raphael Yoshiga 2021-03-10
SpecFlow Usage

Definitive Guide To Parallelization in C# [MsTest,NUnit,SpecFlow]

NUnit is one of the most popular testing frameworks for .NET languages. It is an open-source, easy to understand, and has user-friendly attributes. Learn how to set up parallelization in NUnit
Nikolay Advolodkin 2021-03-04
UI Automation

Starting Out With UI Automation Using SpecFlow

UI Automation can be slow, clunky and prone to error. Future maintenance, on a changing code base, is inevitable. Setting up tests, fixing them when they break, and adapting them as the software changes can be a huge challenge.
Louise Gibbs 2021-02-17


SpecFlow is an excellent Behavior-Driven Development test framework for .NET. Recently, SpecFlow released a new reporting tool called SpecFlow+ LivingDoc, which generates living documentation for features. It combines all scenarios from all SpecFlow feature files into one central HTML report....
Automationpanda 2021-02-09
SpecFlow Usage

Behavior Driven Development vs Unit Testing

TDD vs BDD? BDD vs Unit Tests? When should you write a BDD specification and when a Unit Test? Behaviour Driven Development is an effecting way to capture a users intent, Test Driven Development is great to check that your...
Dave Farley 2020-12-09
SpecFlow Usage

Enterprise Test Automation Framework: Plugin Architecture in SpecFlow

In the first article from the series "Enterprise Test Automation Framework: Define Requirements and Characteristics", we defined our future framework's requirements and qualities/characteristics. This publication will continue with defining more precisely the various features grouped by the previously described characteristics. They will help...
Anton Angelov 2020-12-09
SpecFlow Usage

Use SpecFlow, nUnit and .NET Core in Visual Studio Code

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a project that supports SpecFlow, nUnit, and .NET Core. To get started, we’ll create a new .NET Core project with nUnit support.
Jason N. Gaylord 2020-10-07
SpecFlow Usage

Handling technical ids in Gherkin with SpecFlow

When you use Specification by Example with the Gherkin syntax and automate your scenarios with SpecFlow, you’re bound to encounter situations where you’ll need a technical id. For example, to stub data that’s retrieved from a repository or external service....
Ronald Bosma 2020-08-08
SpecFlow Usage

How To Easily Generate Data For SpecFlow Tests

Populating data is an integral part of writing tests. Most of the time, we are forced to set up much more data than we care about for a test. This might be because of validation on an API endpoint, a...
Rahul Nath 2020-08-04
SpecFlow Usage

XAMVVM-03 SpecFlow BDD UnitTesting with Xamarin.Forms!

Let’s explore the possibilities of the awesome SpecFlow Behavior Driven Testing Framework with Xamarin.Forms! I’m a huge enthusiast of writing clean and highly testable code, and in that pursuit, I believe Test Driven Development for the win! 😉 Oh also,...
Udara Alwis 2020-07-14
SpecFlow Usage

SQL Unit Testing with C# and Specflow

Unit testing has become ever more important in the software industry, however SQL programming is generally less likely to be subject to unit testing but SQL can often benefit from unit testing. So let’s look at the unit testing benefits.
Naveen Bhati 2020-07-09

SpecFlow, page objects and FluentAutomation

The purpose is to show how the tools are used and give a starting ground for training and elaboration.
Marcus Hammarberg 2020-04-20

Parallel execution using Specflow, NUnit and Selenium

Executing UI tests can be an expensive exercise, not only do they require more time to create and maintain, but they also require more time to complete their execution. When I discovered the possibility of executing tests in parallel I...
Johan Escobar 2019-04-30
SpecFlow Usage

5 things I love about SpecFlow

SpecFlow, a.k.a. “Cucumber for .NET,” is a leading BDD test automation framework for .NET. Created by Gáspár Nagy and maintained as a free, open source project on GitHub by TechTalk, SpecFlow presently has almost 3 million total NuGet downloads. I’ve...
Automationpanda 2018-05-10
SpecFlow Usage

SpecFlow tips: Problems with placing step definitions to base classes

On the bases of feedback and issues, a lot of SpecFlow users seem to try to put step definitions and other binding codes to base classes. I’ll try to explain why inheritance doesn’t fit to the concept of global step...
Gáspár Nagy 2015-05-18