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2021-12-14 14:30:00 UTC
2h 30m

Come along with us on this two-part webinar whilst we are educated by Ken Pugh in a role-play style webinar, where Ken will take us through the process of effectively following the BDD methodology from start to finish.

2022-01-05 16:00:00 UTC

New to SpecFlow? Join our live onboarding hosted by our user support engineer, Jordan. During this session, you will learn how to install and configure SpecFlow on your workstation. 

2022-01-12 14:30:00 UTC

Deep deeper with us into test automation and advance your testing knowledge. On Jan 12, Karthik K.K., founder of ExecuteAutomatinon and test automation expert, will talk with Jordan Western about top challenges in test automation and solutions to these problems. 

2022-01-31 15:30:00 UTC
2h 30m

4-day Masterclass series for newcomers and advanced users by one of the leaders in the BDD industry. Trainer, Author, and founding member of SpecFlow, Gáspár Nagy.

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