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Given When Then With Style, Live!

Learn how to get the most out of Given-When-Then feature files at SpecFlow’s interactive webinar with Gojko Adzic, author of “Specification by Example”.

Basic familiarity with the Given-When-Then format is advised.


Learn to identify and avoid the most common pitfalls

Improve your scenario writing to create a better shared understanding.

Tips and tricks on collaborative modelling

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About Webinar

Advance your skills in writing Given-When-Then feature files with SpecFlow’s 2-day interactive online webinar with Gojko Adzic.

For those new to Gherkin, we’ll explore how to avoid the most common problems, and how to describe scenarios with examples in a way that will be useful for shared understanding, development, testing and documentation. For the experts, we’ll cover tips and tricks on collaborative modelling and how to capture complex problems with examples.

Each day includes facilitated exercises and discussion, over two and a half hours, where you’ll work with peers to analyse real-world examples of Gherkin specifications, how to spot common issues and how to fix them. The focus of the first day is on capturing information with examples. The focus of the second day is on improving Gherkin files so you get more value out of them.

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Dates & Duration

August 31, 2021 15:30 GMT+02:00
September 1, 2021 15:30 GMT+02:00

Seats are limited!

Workshop Details

Two free workshops

2.5 hours each

Learn hands-on 




Basic familiarity with the Given-When-Then format.

SpecFlow’s learning challenge is here to get you up to speed.

Learn Given-When-Then

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Day 1

Structuring Examples: Capture information with examples

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Day 2

Refinement: Improve Gherkin files to get more value out of them

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