Executing SpecFlow Tests

With SpecFlow you can define the acceptance criteria in feature files that can be executed. These tests are usually placed in a separate project in the solution (e.g. "BookShop.AcceptanceTests" in the BookShop sample).

SpecFlow generates executable unit tests from the defined acceptance criteria (called scenarios). The generated unit tests are in a code-behind file of the feature files (e.g. US01_BookSearch.feature.cs).

The execution of the tests depends on the unit test provider used by SpecFlow. The unit test provider can be configured in the app.config file of the test project:

  <unitTestProvider name="MsTest" />

For example for MsTest unit test provider the tests can be executed from the Visual Studio test explorer window.

SpecFlow Visual Studio integration provides a simplified way to execute tests regardless of the provider. Use the "Run SpecFlow Scenarios" or "Debug SpecFlow Scenarios" commands from the context menu of the feature file editor or on the solution explorer nodes (project, folder, feature file).

See also Test Result and Debugging Tests.