Install IDE Integration

We recommend installing the SpecFlow Visual Studio extension (IDE Integration), as this is the most convenient way of working with SpecFlow. An overview of the features provided by the integration can be found here.

If you are using Deveroom, do not install the SpecFlow Visual Studio extension; you should only install one of these 2 extensions.

Note: Although installing the IDE integration makes it much easier to use SpecFlow, you can also use SpecFlow without the IDE integration. For more details refer to the MsBuild Integration page.

Installing the IDE Integration for Visual Studio

The easiest way to install the IDE integration is to select Tools | Extensions and Updates from the menu and search for "SpecFlow" in the online gallery.

The integration packages can also be downloaded and installed separately from the Visual Studio Gallery:

If you want even tighter integration with Visual Studio, SpecFlow+ Runner provides seamless integration with Visual Studio's Test Explorer and Team Foundation Server (TFS) and DevOps Build.