NuGet Integration

SpecFlow is available as a NuGet package: SpecFlow. This is the easiest way to setup your project for SpecFlow. (See other options in Setup SpecFlow Projects.)

Note: The NuGet package contains only the generator and the runtime components of SpecFlow, so you still need to install the IDE integration, e.g. from Visual Studio Gallery (see details at Installation).

You can add SpecFlow to your project with the NuGet Package Management Console with

Install-Package SpecFlow -ProjectName myproject

For setting up SpecFlow with specific unit test providers in one step, there are two additional packages

  • SpecFlow.NUnit - installs SpecFlow and NUnit for running with arbitrary test runners (e.g. ReSharper)
  • SpecFlow.NUnit.Runners - this is a specialized package, if you want to run SpecFlow tests with the nunit test runners together with [AfterTestRun] hooks. (see
  • SpecFlow.xUnit - installs SpecFlow and xUnit
  • SpecRun.SpecFlow - installs SpecFlow and SpecRun

For implementing custom plugins for SpecFlow, the SpecFlow.CustomPlugin NuGet package can be used.