NuGet Packages

There are a number of NuGet packages supplied for SpecFlow:

  • SpecFlow : The main SpecFlow package. Add this package to your project to install SpecFlow.
  • Unit test provider packages: These packages are used to configure your unit test provider from SpecFlow 3. You should only install one of the packages. Installing more than one package will result in an error.
    The following packages are available:
    • SpecRun.SpecFlow-3.1.0
    • SpecFlow.xUnit
    • SpecFlow.MsTest
    • SpecFlow.NUnit
  • SpecFlow.Tools.MsBuild.Generation: This package generates the code-behind files required by SpecFlow using MSBuild. This package is not required prior to SpecFlow 3, but we strongly recommend using MSBuild to generate your code behind files with all versions of SpecFlow!

Note: The SpecFlow NuGet package only contains SpecFlow's generator and the runtime components. You still need to install the IDE integration.

The easiest way to add these packages to your project is to right-click your project and select Manage NuGet Packages. You can add SpecFlow to your project with the NuGet Package Management Console with

Install-Package SpecFlow -ProjectName myproject

The SpecFlow.CustomPlugin NuGet package can be used to implement custom plugins for SpecFlow.