Release Process

Note: This description is quite outdated.

Release Build

  • make sure that all test pass (also on the build server)
  • review changelog.txt, update header with the new version number & date
  • if there are changes in the code generation: upgrade generator version number in Generator\TestGeneratorFactory.cs
  • upgrade version number
    • VersionInfo.cs
    • Installer/SpecFlowInstaller/VS2008.wxs
    • Installer/SpecFlowInstaller/Product.wxs (2 instances)
    • IdeIntegration/Vs2010Integration/SpecFlowPackage.cs
    • IdeIntegration/Vs2010Integration/source.extension.vsixmanifest
    • IdeIntegration/NuGetIntegration/SpecFlow.nuspec
    • IdeIntegration/MonoDevelopIntegration/MonoDevelop.TechTalk.SpecFlow.addin.xml
  • trigger nightly build on build server
  • tag the source as "v1.2.3.0" (don't forget to push the tag)
  • update version numbering on build server

Publish Release

  • Upload MSI and binary packages to github
  • Upload NuGet package
  • Update website
  • Send message to google groups: announcements, forum
  • Tweet new version with @specflow account