Visual Studio 2015 Integration

SpecFlow provides integration for Visual Studio 2015 (Community, Professional, Enterprise editions).

The Visual Studio 2015 support can be installed from Visual Studio Gallery or from the online search in Visual Studio / Tools / Extensions and Updates. (You have to search for "SpecFlow" :).

The Visual Studio 2015 support is provided as a different Visual Studio Gallery package than the one for VS2013. This means that this integration tracks the reviews and ratings separately from the previous one.

Please help us and the other users by rating the package on the Visual Studio Gallery page!

Supported Features

Currently the Visual Studio 2015 integration provides the same feature set as Visual Studio 2013 Integration. See details there.


See also: Troubleshooting Visual Studio Integration

  1. Tests are not displayed in the Test Explorer window when using SpecFlow+ Runner

    VS2015 appears to handles solution-level NuGet packages differently from previous versions (these packages were registered in the solution's .nuget\packages.config file). Solution-level NuGet packages now have to be listed at the project level, otherwise the Test Explorer will not recognise the test runner.

    To fix this issue, either re-install the SpecFlow+ Runner NuGet packages, or simply add the dependency on the SpecRun.Runner package (<package id="SpecRun.Runner" version="1.2.0" />) to the packages.config file of yourSpecFlow projects. You may need to restart Visual Studio to see your tests.

  2. Tests turn to grayish green in the Test Explorer window when using SpecFlow+ Runner after test execution has been completed

    This is a known cosmetic issue, we will address it later.