Xray Support for SpecFlow in JIRA

We are pleased to announce that Xray, a test management solution for JIRA, now supports SpecFlow+ Runner. Many software development teams work with JIRA, but integrating SpecFlow with JIRA can be challenging. Xray helps out by allowing you to manage tests in JIRA, generate the corresponding feature files, and import your test results so they […]

End of Visual Studio 2013 Support Imminent

We will remove support for Visual Studio 2013 with the upcoming release of SpecFlow 3 (due to be released soon). Downloads for the Visual Studio extension account for only a fraction of 1% of all downloads (a ratio of roughly 400:1), so we want to invest our time and resources elsewhere. For this reason, we […]

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.8 Released

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.8 has been released and is available for download from NuGet. The main changes in this version are: Support for SpecFlow 2.4 Change to the behaviour of the test adapter for compatibility with Visual Studio 15.8 This version also includes a number of smaller bug fixes.

SpecFlow 2.4 Released

SpecFlow 2.4 has been released and is now available for download from NuGet. This is likely to be the last release of SpecFlow before we release SpecFlow 3. SpecFlow 2.4 includes a number of new features: Added ability to convert type to same type or one of the base types #1110 Added support for customization […]

Discover BDD with Gaspar Nagy and Seb Rose

Gaspar Nagy – who has been involved with SpecFlow since its inception – and Seb Rose – a core member of the open source Cucumber project – have teamed up to publish Discovery – Explore behaviour using examples. This is the first book in a series on BDD. Gaspar had the following to say about […]

SpecFlow and PackageReference

By default, the packages used in SpecFlow projects are stored in packages.config. However the new Visual Studio projects instead use the PackageReference element to reference packages. When using the PackageReference element, generator plugins will not be found, and you will see errors similar to the following: Unable to find plugin in the plugin search path: […]

.NET Core Support for SpecFlow

The stable SpecFlow V3 has been released! Check out our latest blog post! Please also read this announcement on upcoming breaking changes for all users. We have been working on adding .NET Core support to SpecFlow. You can follow the current status here. If you are interested in using SpecFlow together with .NET Core, we […]

Targeting Multiple Browsers with a Single Test

(Note: This article was written for SpecFlow+ Runner 1.8 and SpecFlow 2; an updated version of this article for SpecFlow+ 3 is here.) If you are testing a web app (e.g. with Selenium), you will normally want to test it in a range of browsers, e.g. Chrome, IE/Edge and Firefox. However, writing tests for all […]

SpecFlow+ Runner and Excel 1.7 Released

SpecFlow+ 1.7 Runner SpecFlow+ 1.7 Runner has been released. This version includes support for SpecFlow 2.3, as well as the following changes: Combine the test results of retried tests in a single result. This only works when executing tests via VSTest (https://github.com/techtalk/SpecFlow/issues/833, https://github.com/techtalk/SpecFlow/issues/836) New report template for Cucumber JSON format (CucumberJson.cshtml) Use TestRunContext to get […]

SpecFlow 2.3 Released

SpecFlow 2.3 has been released with the following changes: New features Expose the current status (result) of the scenario execution in ScenarioContext via ScenarioExecutionStatus property (https://github.com/techtalk/SpecFlow/pull/963) Allow aliasing of properties or fields on objects mapped from tables via the CreateInstance or CreateSet extensionMethods by utilising the TableAliases attribute (https://github.com/techtalk/SpecFlow/pull/969) Allow custom XSLT files to include […]