SpecFlow+ Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for SpecFlow+. This section only covers the features in SpecFlow+, which consists of SpecFlow+ Runner, SpecFlow+ Excel and SpecFlow+ LivingDoc.

For information on SpecFlow itself, refer to the SpecFlow documentation. If you are new to SpecFlow or SpecFlow+, we recommend that you start out by following the Getting Started guides for SpecFlow+ Runner and SpecFlow+ Excel.

SpecFlow+ Runner SpecLog project (legacy)

The NuGet package also contains the HTML output from a SpecLog project containing various use cases and Gherkin examples. You can find the HTML output in the packages\SpecRun.Runner.1.2.0\docs directory of your installation. You can also browse the HTML here.

Important Information on Upgrading from SpecFlow+ 1.2

If you are still using SpecFlow+ 1.2 and want to upgrade to a newer version, please read the information on how to upgrade SpecFlow 2 and the guide to updating to SpecFlow 1.3. There are a number of steps that you need to perform to ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly.