Documentation Languages

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc parses your feature files looking for keywords, and uses these keywords to format the output. SpecFlow+ LivingDoc supports all languages supported by the official Gherkin parser.

The language used to parse the feature files is determined as follows:

  • The default language is en-US.
  • If you have entered a language in your app.config file, this language is used as the default language for all feature files.
    Note: If you have only entered a folder in your Project file path in the build step, the settings in your app.config file are ignored. You need to enter the project file itself (.csproj) in order for SpecFlow+ LivingDoc to be able to determine the appropriate app.config file.
  • The language entered in the Gherkin file (using # language) takes priority over the language in the app.config file.