Tricentis Acquires SpecFlow


We are excited to announce that SpecFlow has been acquired by Tricentis.

When TechTalk first introduced SpecFlow back in 2009, our goal was to help both small and large teams improve collaboration, facilitate test automation and build up a shared understanding of their software systems.

Since 2009, SpecFlow has been downloaded nearly 10 million times and today is the go-to solution for .NET developers looking to implement Behavior-Driven Development.

Now we are excited to announce that SpecFlow and SpecMap have been acquired by Tricentis, the leading international software vendor for software testing.

“I’m extremely proud of the community that SpecFlow has fostered over the years”, says Christian Hassa, owner and Managing Partner at TechTalk. “TechTalk is happy to have found a partner in Tricentis who is committed to the BDD community and to significantly expanding our vision for SpecFlow while keeping it independent.”

Why now?

Behavior-Driven development (BDD) is growing more popular than ever – the adoption of DevOps as part of companies’ digital transformation is driving the need for fast and reliable testing and test automation earlier in the development cycle. Agile practices enable teams to deliver valuable software to end users in shorter cycles, while the established practice of formulating tests using Given-When-Then scenarios helps stakeholders build up a shared understanding.

However scalability is a widely known challenge with BDD. This is an area where Tricentis greatly benefits the SpecFlow team and BDD community with its rich experience in providing software testing solutions for both small and large teams. For Tricentis, SpecFlow offers a unique opportunity to accelerate and shape the adoption of BDD within the enterprise market, while keeping its ear to the ground and drawing upon SpecFlow’s ties with established players in the BDD community.

What does this mean for the community?

SpecFlow will remain an open source project that is free to use by the community. Partnering with Tricentis enables us to operate a dedicated team to further drive innovation, maintain the project and quickly integrate pull requests from the community.  You will see more good things faster!

We are thrilled to announce that partnering with Tricentis will also allow us to offer SpecFlow+ and SpecMap licenses to all members of the BDD community free of charge – starting now!

“Our recent acquisition of TestProject clearly demonstrates the reach of the open source community and success that can be achieved by providing the right solution without commercial barriers. With SpecFlow and SpecMap we are significantly increasing out commitment to the Agile community”, says Wolfgang Platz, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tricentis.

You can request your free license key here:

What does this mean for current SpecFlow+ customers?

Starting from today, SpecFlow+ licenses are available free of charge for any number of users. As an existing customer you can continue to use your current licenses. More details will be announced soon.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us by sending a mail to support [at]

We look forward to partnering with Tricentis and helping more teams from around the world collaborate!