Where to Get Support

Google Group

The SpecFlow+ Google Group is a good place to search for possible solutions to your issue. If you are unable to find a solution, you can start a new thread. Please give your post a descriptive title. There is also a SpecFlow Google Group for issues relating to the open-source project.

A big advantage of posting to the Google group is that your question and the replies are visible to all users, so you are also helping out other users who may have similar questions in the future. Your post will also reach a wider audience.

Before submitting a new support request, please take a look at the FAQ for both SpecFlow+ and SpecFlow to make sure your question isn’t covered.

Submit a Support Ticket

Alternatively, submit a support ticket using the form below. Please include as much relevant information as you can to help track down the issue. If you have a project that reliably exhibits the issue, please include it.

When submitting a support ticket, the information you provide is included in an email that is sent to our ticketing system, hosted by UserVoice. You can find UserVoice’s privacy policy here.

Important: If your files contain sensitive information, such as user credentials, please redact these contents before sending them to use!

  • Provide a short description as your subject, e.g. "Filters are ignored when running tests from the command line with VSTconsole"
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your email address so that we can get back to you
  • Select the version number of your SpecFlow package
  • Enter the version of Visual Studio you are using
  • Enter the version number of the .NET framework used in your project
  • Enter the test runners you are using. If you are starting tests from the command line, please also include the command you are using to run the tests.
  • Please copy the contents of the element in your app/config file and paste it here. Important: If your file contain sensitive information, such as passwords, please redact this content before pasting!
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: srprofile.
      Please upload the .srprofile file used by your project
    • Please enter as much information on the issue you are experiencing as possible. If possible, describe how to reproduce the behavior you are experiencing, as well as what you would expect to happen instead.
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      Accepted file types: zip, rar.
        If you have a project that exhibits this issue, please upload it. Information on how to create a good repro project can be found here.
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