What are the benefits of being listed as a SpecFlow trainer?

SpecFlow trainers are listed on the SpecFlow website, making your offerings more visible to potential customers. We will also direct any inquiries we receive regarding training to this directory. We will also draw attention to the directory in our newsletters and social media networks as appropriate.

You will still want to market your courses yourself!

Are there any fees involved in being a SpecFlow trainer?

There are no costs involved in being listed in our training directory, and there is no commission for referrals. Our aim here is simply to make it easier for users to get in contact with trainers.

Do you have course material available?

We have course material available that applies to SpecFlow 2, and needs updating for SpecFlow 3. Most of the course material is still applicable however. We would be interested in working together on updating the material as needed. This is the course material that is offered by the certified trainers, and you can find the agenda here.

If you think you are in a position to help us improve the training material and bring it up to date, contact us by sending an email to support [at] specflow.org!

Can I write my own course material?

You can use your own material to hold your courses.

Should training courses focus solely on SpecFlow?

In our experience, one of the biggest challenges facing new SpecFlow users is understanding the methodology and adopting an approach that optimises the benefits of human-readable specifications. We would therefore strongly encourage you to cover not only the technical aspects of SpecFlow itself, but also agile methods and writing fit-for-purpose specifications.

Some of the most common issues that we see include:

  • Users treating Gherkin and SpecFlow as a test automation scripting tool, treating the specifications as an algorithm instead of a basis for discussion. This results in long and convoluted specifications that are hard to read and negates the advantages of easily understandable documentation that can be read by anyone.
  • Newcomers often do not know where to begin, and are missing a roadmap and insight into how to change their development paradigm. SpecFlow is often viewed as a silver bullet that will make BDD happen of its own accord.
  • There are issues making the method fit users’ organisations

Can I use the SpecFlow logo for my courses?

Please note that the SpecFlow logo is a registered trademark of TechTalk Software AG and may only be used with permission. If you would like to use the SpecFlow logo, please contact us for permission first.

Do you offer free SpecFlow+ licenses for trainers and students?

We offer trainers free licenses for their own use, and can issue short-term licenses for course attendees. These student licenses can be installed prior to attending the course so that students can familiarise themselves with SpecFlow and SpecFlow+. Students can retain the licenses after attending the course so they can continue experimenting in their own time. These licenses will have a limited validity period (30-60 days), after which they will expire. Once the license expires, students will need to purchase a license or use the open source project rather than SpecFlow+.

The licensee in the licenses will make it clear that the license is for training purposes, and these licenses are not intended for production use.