Where to look for help?

SpecFlow is maintained and developed by a small team. We are trying to monitor the community forums and will offer help as often as possible and provide support on a voluntary base.

Before submitting a support request, please make sure you have referred to the SpecFlow documentation and resources. Don’t forget to read the SpecFlow FAQ or the SpecFlow+ FAQ if you are using SpecFlow+ and please check the GitHub issue list to make sure it is not already a known issue, before opening a new support request.

Community Support

SpecFlow is used by a helpful and knowledgeable community that supports each other. If you are having problems with SpecFlow, the following are good places to turn for a solution:

  • SpecFlow Communitiy Forum: You may be able to find a solution to your issue in the discussions here. The forum is regularly visited by contributors to the SpecFlow project.
  • Stack Overflow: SpecFlow is also popular on StackOverflow, so you might find the answer to your question there as well.

SpecFlow+ Support

If you have signed up for a SpecFlow account and you are having problems with the SpecFlow+ Runner or SpecFlow+ LivingDoc, the following are good places to turn for a solution:

  • SpecFlow Community Forum: This is the best place to post general questions about SpecFlow+ as all discussions are publicly available and can be searched and answered by other users.
  • Support Request: Please submit a SpecFlow+ support ticket here.

Which versions are you supporting?

we support the latest version (Major.Minor) of the following applications, libraries and tools:

  • All SpecFlow NuGet packages that are published by the SpecFlow Team
    • SpecFlow
    • SpecFlow.Tools.MSBuild.Generation
    • SpecFlow.xUnit
    • SpecFlow.NUnit
    • SpecFlow.MSTest
    • SpecFlow.Autofac
    • SpecFlow.CustomPlugin
    • SpecFlow.Nunit.Runners
  • All SpecFlow+Runner (SpecRun.*) packages that are published by the SpecFlow Team
  • SpecMap
  • SpecFlow+ LivingDoc

Which SpecFlow and .NET version are you supporting?

To make the version compatibility easier to understand, setup or upgrade a project, we have made the following changes:

  • From SpecFlow 3.3 onwards SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner will have the same Major.Minor version number
  • From SpecFlow+ Runner 3.3 onwards SpecFlow+ Runner supports only the latest SpecFlow version

For .NET Core we are now following the Microsoft .NET Core Support policy and we changed the minimum supported version  to .NET Framework 4.6.1 recently. Learn more about the versioning on our blog.

Which Visual Studio and TFS versions are you supporting?

we only offer support for Visual Studio and TFS versions 2017 or newer.

Which topics are covered by the support?

  • Errors and problems with our applications
  • Upgrading to the latest version, regardless on which version you are currently

Which topics are only covered by the community?

  • Older versions of our applications
  • General questions about how to write automation for your application
  • Questions/Problems with Selenium/Appium 

Do you offer any Service Level Agreements (SLA)?

No. Currently, our support is only voluntary and we are not providing any specific SLAs.

But usually, we are trying to answer emails within a business day – although that may depend on the nature of the query. If answering the email requires additional information or input from multiple team members, it may take a bit longer. Similarly in the case of illness or holidays.

If you have any further questions please let us know and create a new support request.